A significant update regarding dental x-rays

It is not often a profession has a true “wow” moment, however the American Dental Association has taken a new stance on the subject of dental x-rays: the lead apron and thyroid collar are no longer required, nor recommended.
This precedent was announced on February 1st, 2024, and applies to all dental-related x-rays, regardless of whether it is a single tooth x-ray, or an entire CT scan of the head and neck, and it applies to all people, of all medical conditions – including pregnancy. This decision comes following the discovery by oral and maxillofacial radiologists that the amount of radiation a person experiences during a dental x-ray is so small, it is almost entirely confined to the area captured – such as a single tooth. What more, even large CT scans have advanced so far with their technology that any radiation remains limited to the area focused, without scatter to the rest of the body – let alone to other people nearby.
What more, the use of a lead apron or thyroid collar was found to cause people to experience more radiation because of sliding or incorrect positioning, therefore obscuring an x-ray image and requiring it to be retaken.
We now have a new breakthrough distinguishing new dentistry from the ways of the old. If you encounter a dental office that practices this or gives you the option, this is the reasoning why. May it be of good use to you!